IBM Job Layoff | Now AI is hanging like a sword on the job! More than 7,000 employees of IBM will be employed

File Photo Mumbai: Last year, OpenAI launched a chatbot named Apollo ChatGpt. Similarly, many other companies have also launched their AI. Some companies are still working on it. But in today’s time, the use of AI systems has increased to a great extent in all fields. AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence model has started threatening jobs. While everyone is worried about whether AI will affect jobs, a big news has come out. So let’s know what is this news and what will be its effect on the job. Now IBM is preparing to give jobs to AI instead of humans Even a big company like IBM i.e. International Business Machines is also preparing to give jobs to AI instead of humans. IBM company can replace 7,800 jobs with AI in the coming time. This means that the potential for AI to impact jobs is now becoming real. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said that IBM expects around 7,800 jobs to be replaced by AI in the coming years. Arvind Krishna disclosed this in an interview to Bloomberg News. Hiring for back office work at IBM has slowed, he said. Also, recruitment in some departments has been stopped. AI ChatGpt chatbot is very much discussed at the moment. Nowadays ChatGpt is a very popular medium. This means that whatever you ask of him, he will answer you with the information he has. OpenAI has recently launched ChatGpt-4. Which is being claimed to be more advanced than previous chatbots. Also read Many companies cut employees Currently, many leading tech companies are laying off their employees to cut down on company costs, citing the global economic slowdown as the reason. This shortage is still continuing to a large extent. This includes many companies like Google, Microsoft, ShareChat, Amazon, Meta. IBM has also cut 3900 employees.

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