HDFC Bank | We will create a new HDFC Bank every four years: Managing Director

MUMBAI: HDFC Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive Shashidhar Jagadishan on Saturday said that he aims to create a new HDFC Bank every four years. The merger of HDFC Bank with the parent company HDFC has been successfully completed recently. In a letter to over 4,000 HDFC employees who joined HDFC Bank on Saturday, Jagadishan said the future is bright, and the work to realize the potential of the merger begins now. He said, “The business of financial and mortgage services is going to grow very fast. HDFC Bank as a combined entity – will be best positioned for growth with a large and growing distribution network and customer base, adequate capital, healthy quality of assets and profitability and healthy profitability.” Read also He further said, “As per the pace at which we have targeted to grow, we can create a new HDFC Bank every four years.” HDFC Bank started the process of re-establishing its brand from the very first day of the merger. Under this, all the more than 500 branches and offices of HDFC Limited are being painted in the colors of HDFC Bank. Officials estimate that the exercise will be completed in the next 24 hours.

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