Govt Big Decision | Now it will not be necessary to buy the whole strip of medicine, the government is preparing for a big decision

Representational Pic Mumbai: There have been several complaints from consumers that drug dealers are forcing them to buy whole strips of tablets or capsules. By registering these complaints, the Central Government is trying to find effective solutions to protect the interests of the consumers. The government is in talks with pharmaceutical companies to find a solution to these problems. Let us know what happened in the discussion of the first round…. Leftover Pills Don’t Even Get Used Forcing many consumers to buy an entire strip of medication when they don’t need it, not only puts unnecessary financial burden on many consumers, but the left over pill also goes unutilized Because the patient often does not need all the drugs in the strip and dose. The pill is needed only for a few days. Sources said the Department of Consumer Affairs held the first round of discussions with senior representatives of pharma and medical device companies, in which senior officials of the Drug Controller General of India also participated. According to sources, the issue was discussed in detail in the meeting and the department has asked them to find new packaging technology for drugs and industries to adopt new technology for cutting strips. Also read Customer complaints It has also been recommended to print manufacturing and expiry dates on each strip and use of QR codes, sources said. This will provide a lot of convenience to the customers. Meanwhile, consumers have complained to the department that chemists insist on selling full strips of 10 tablets or capsules and refuse to sell them at a lower price. There are cases where the prescription is only for a day or two and the customer is forced to buy the entire strip. On the other hand, in some cases the customer buys medicine in smaller quantities as he cannot buy the medicine for the whole week. Some chemists said they have no problem cutting strips of the fast-acting drugs and selling them to customers in the quantities they need. In the case of slow-acting drugs/drugs, they urge consumers to take the entire strip as distributors or drug companies refuse to take back unsold drugs if the strip is cut.

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