Domestic Air Travel Price Hike | Dubai ticket is cheaper than Delhi ticket, domestic air travel prices are skyrocketing, know what is the matter

FIle Photo Mumbai: The minimum price of a flight ticket from Mumbai to Delhi has now reached Rs 19 thousand and this ticket price is more expensive than the ticket price from Mumbai to Dubai. The fare for the Dubai route is currently Rs 14,000, which is Rs 5,000 cheaper than the Delhi ticket. With this, it seems that the prices of flight tickets to Mumbai, Leh, Cochin, Kolkata, Chennai have skyrocketed. Removed in September 2022 The cap on minimum fares used to be that if you booked your flight tickets at least a month in advance, you could get cheaper fares. However, now this trend has been removed and there does not appear to be any significant difference in ticket price at least for a month or a day. At present there has been a record increase in the number of air passengers. The number of aircraft is decreasing as compared to the increase in the number of passengers. As a result, ticket prices are witnessing an increase due to high demand and low supply. In May 2020 (during the Corona period), the central government had fixed the maximum and minimum fare limit for the aircraft. That limit was removed in September 2022. This has benefited the airlines a lot and they have started increasing the fares according to the increasing demand. All airlines increased the number of their flights Go-First company’s aircraft are on the ground since May 2. The company had a fleet of 52 aircraft and operated 200 flights on various routes in the country. However, now that these aircraft are on the ground, limited air services are available for passengers. The result of this is also being seen in the form of increase in prices. Meanwhile, Indigo Airlines has increased its flights by 13%, Air India by 9% keeping in view the increasing number of passengers. However, this is still insufficient. Mumbai to Delhi – Rs 19,000 Mumbai to Leh – Rs 22,500 Mumbai to Kochi – Rs 20,000 Mumbai to Dubai – Rs 14,000

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