Coal News | 5 million people in the country depend on coal mining, G20 will push for ‘proper energy transition’: Coal Secretary

Pic: Twitter Mumbai: Five million people in India are directly dependent on coal mining and the country will push for a ‘fair energy transition’ at the G-20 meeting. A top government official said this on Monday. Coal Secretary Amrit Lal Meena told reporters here that India is keen to grow rapidly for the betterment of its people and for this it has chosen the path of just climate action. Especially in the states of eastern India, he said that the country will move forward with a balanced growth model. He said that according to our estimates, around 50 lakh people are directly or indirectly engaged in coal mining activities. This is especially so in the states of eastern India. Meena said that questions related to livelihood, alternative occupation, health care and education of these 50 lakh people should be considered to decide the way forward.

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