CCPA Directives | CCPA clearly orders e-commerce companies to immediately remove car seat belt alarm deactivation devices from their portals

New Delhi. E-commerce companies will not be able to sell car seat belt alarm deactivation devices from their platform. Consumer protection regulator CCPA has ordered five e-commerce companies, including Amazon and Flipkart, to remove such tools from their platforms. The regulator said that these devices (stopper clip) stop the sound of the alarm when the seat belt is not worn, thereby compromising the safety of the passengers. The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has asked Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopClues and Meesho to permanently remove car seat belt ‘stopper clips’ and related accessories from their platforms. Following this order, five e-commerce companies have removed 13,118 car seat belt alarm stopper clips from their platforms. While Amazon has removed 8,095 such clips, Flipkart has removed around 5,000 clips, the regulator said in a statement. Apart from this, the CCPA has also written to the Chief Secretaries and District Magistrates of the states asking them to take appropriate action against those who manufacture and sell such devices.

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