Apple Profit | Apple’s sting in India! Earned 50000 crores in just ‘so many’ days, know what are the plans ahead

file – photo Mumbai: iPhone enthusiasts can be seen in large numbers all over the world. iPhone is the life of people, people cherish iPhone more than their lives. Along with this, the iPhone maker Apple is also making its mark in India. The sale of Apple products is huge. iPhone maker Apple has opened its first retail store in India yesterday. At this time the company’s CEO Tim Cook himself had come to Mumbai. But do you know that Apple has made a record sale in India. The company’s revenue has reached around Rs 50,000 crore. The company has sold goods worth about Rs 50,000 crore till the end of the financial year. Apple has posted sales of $6 billion (roughly Rs. 49,200 crores) in India for the fiscal year ending March. This shows how important the Indian market has become for Apple. 50 % increase in Apple’s revenue According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s revenue in India has increased by about 50 % compared to last year. The company’s revenue in the last financial year 2021-22 was $ 4.1 billion. Apple will announce its quarterly results on May 4. Also read India important for Apple India is a very important market for Apple. Apple company has not been able to make much inroads in the Indian smartphone market because of its high-end products. Also the market share of the company is not much. That’s why now the company is focusing on increasing its sales.

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