Apple Lay Off | The effect of economic recession is now in Apple too, soon employees will be laid off, this is a big thing said by Apple CEO Tim Cook

File Photo Mumbai: Many companies are seeing the impact of the current global economic slowdown. That’s why many companies are laying off employees. Due to the Corona epidemic, many big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon have faced economic crisis. That’s why a lot of employees are being cut in these companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said that now Apple will also lay off its employees. It is also being said that the biggest layoff is going to happen in Apple. It is being said that this staff will be reduced for cost cutting. Suggesting looking for jobs in other departments According to reports, Tim Cook said in a recent interview that ‘the current layoffs are nothing new that we should be discussing, they are being considered as a last resort’. Along with this, it has been decided to reduce the staff in many companies. Tim Cook also said that the employees who will be fired should try to find jobs in other departments as soon as possible. Earlier last month, Apple had cut some of its employees. It is also being said that unlike other companies, since Apple did not keep additional employees during the Corona period, the reduction of employees in Apple is less than that of other companies. Also read Apple’s quarterly earnings How much is Apple’s March quarter earnings were released early last week. Apple reported its results for the quarter through March, and reported revenue of $94.8 billion for the first quarter of this year. But as per the analysis done by the experts this revenue is less than 3% of the annual revenue. While it is being said that Apple has made a good start by earning a profit of $ 24 billion. US IT sector companies are showing signs of recession. Many have already said that this is the year of recession. It is seen that now it is getting recognition. Apple’s profits were expected to decline significantly this quarter. That is why information is coming out that this company is going to lay off a lot of employees in the next few days.

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