Amazon News | Ordering from Amazon after May 31 will be expensive, know what is the matter

File Photo Mumbai: The price of products on Amazon will increase after May 31. Amazon is going to increase its selling policy. So if you’ve added something to your Amazon cart, hurry up and order it before May 31. E-commerce website maker Amazon is going to make major changes in seller fees and commission charges. From which it is known that after May 31, the price of the product will increase. Every e-commerce online company earns its income through commission. Some new rules will apply on Amazon’s platform Sellers sell their goods on online websites and in return the company charges for the related goods. The company has made this change as part of the annual process. Due to this, some new rules will be applicable on Amazon’s platform and this will increase the cost of production. The price of products of the company’s categories like clothes, beauty, medicine, grocery etc. has increased. A company spokesperson said the increase in fees was due to changing market environment and macroeconomic factors. Seller duty on products up to Rs 500 in the pharmaceutical category has been increased to 12% from 5.5%, while duty on goods above Rs 500 has been increased to 15%. In apparel, the duty has been increased from 19% to 22.5% on over 1,000 products. Similarly, commission on beauty products has been increased to 8.5%. In addition, the company has increased delivery charges by 20 to 30% on products transported domestically. Read this too More than 500 people were laid off E-commerce company Amazon has recently laid off more than 500 employees. The company is going through layoffs and layoffs from Amazon Web Services, HR and support staff. This is part of the 9,000 job cuts announced by the company in March 2023. In March, the company announced it would cut about 9,000 jobs from its cloud services, advertising and Twitch units. A few weeks after laying off 18,000 employees, the company’s CEO gave all this information to employees in a memo.

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