Air India | Now Air India will be high tech, will use ChatGPT to modernize the airline, will invest ‘so many’ crores

File Photo Mumbai: Air India company will use ChatGPT chatbot to modernize the airline. For this, an investment of $200 million will be made initially. According to a press release issued by the airline, the company has already invested $200 million in new digital systems, digital engineering services and building a digital workforce. Company constantly working on new technologies After being taken over by the Tata group, Air India is being revived. For this Vihaan AI scheme has been started. Under this, a target has been set to make Air India an international level airline within five years and for this the company is constantly working on new technologies. The airline also aims to increase market share under Vihaan AI. In recent times the airline is focusing on the use of new technology to provide more convenience to the customers. These include modernization of the website and mobile app, use of the ChatGPT chatbot, modernization of in-flight entertainment and real-time customer support request tracking. Read this also The biggest order ever in history Air India will also buy a large number of new aircraft with technology. In February, the airline ordered 840 aircraft, of which 250 aircraft were ordered by the French company Airbus and 220 aircraft were ordered by the American company Boeing. Along with this, the option of additional purchase of 370 aircraft has also been given. This order placed by Air India is the largest order ever in the history of aircraft.

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