2023 Economic Forecast | Probability of recession in India is 0% but in UK it is 75%, inflation will hit the whole world the most, India will be safe

File Photo Mumbai: Inflation has hit not only India but the whole world. The whole world is on the map of inflation. But is India at the top or bottom of this map? This does not mean that our own country is burning in the fire of inflation, but many economies of the world are facing a heavy burden. Let us see where India ranks in this world ranking… India is happier than other countries but statistically, India is at the bottom of the inflation ranking. But we all know that the fire he takes is going to be a little short. But let’s see what the statistics say. The figures of World of Statistics (World of Statistics) have presented such a picture that India is happier than other countries. This volatility graph has been drawn from annual inflation data. According to a recent forecast by World of Statistics, India appears to be in good economic health as the probability of recession in 2023 is 0%. However, the United Kingdom faces a high risk of recession as the probability is 75%. Also read Countries Likely to Recession New Zealand at 70% Other countries that are expected to be less likely to be in recession are Indonesia at 2%, Saudi Arabia at 5%, China at 12.5%, Brazil at 15%, Switzerland at 20 % and 25% in Spain. Meanwhile, Mexico has a 27.5% chance, South Korea 30%, Japan 35% and Russia 37.5%. Besides the UK, countries at high risk of recession include Australia at 40%, South Africa at 45%, France at 50%, Canada, Italy and Germany at 60% and the United States at 65%. The country with the highest probability of recession is New Zealand at 70%. These forecasts are important for businesses and investors in making informed decisions to navigate the economic landscape.

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