Prof. Sawant’s ambition for ministership again, while Rahul Mote’s engagement!

Bipin Deshpande

Aurangabad : In Paranda Constituency, NCP leader Rahul Mote is engaged in constituency building through Banganga Sugar Factory in the constituency of MLA Tanaji Sawant, who is trying to increase support behind Chief Minister Eknath Shinde by rebelling in Shiv Sena. Dyaneshwar Patil has also entered the fray in Paranda against Sawant, who is known as Lakshmiputra in Paranda constituency. On one side there is sugar sowing by Rahul Mote and on the other side there is a political picture of Dyaneshwar Patil against Fatkal Tanaji Sawant.

Tanaji Sawant’s coming to the constituency is like ivory coming from Ambari. They used to show their hands to the voters from above. But Prof. Sawant defeated Rahul Mote. Earlier, he was elected three times from Paranda Constituency. But the politics of drought-stricken birds revolves around sugar. Mote’s nature is so reticent. He never showed any interest in criticizing anyone. They did not go outside the circle of us and our constituency. Although Padmasinh Patil and Rana Jagjitsinh Patil joined the BJP, Rahul Mote remained in the NCP supporting Sharad Pawar. It is actually because of his closeness with Ajit Pawar. During the Mahavikas Aghadi government, through Finance Minister Ajit Pawar, he had taken the initiative to solve the road problems of many villages in the constituency. In particular, Mote emphasized on road works in the villages around Banganga Sugar Factory, which is known as Ajit Pawar’s factory. His wife Vaishali Mote is also active in construction work in the constituency through her position at the divisional level of NCP. While such sowing of NCP was going on Shiv Sena split.

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Dnyaneshwar Patil claims that even though a great leader in the form of Tanaji Sawant has come out, the original Shiv Sainik is still there. Even in Paranda Constituency, politics is heated through the polarization of ‘Khan Ki Baan’. Supporters of Tanaji Sawant also claim that the split in Shiv Sena will make a difference. Prof. who was upset from the beginning due to the non-appointment of the ministerial position in Mahavikas Aghadi. Tanaji Sawant joined the Eknath Shinde group. In the meantime, he tried to get closer to the BJP. In the possible list of names of chief ministers in the cabinet of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Prof. Sawant is always ahead. Prof. who held the position of minister of the department like water conservation during the Mahayuti period. After Sawant was somewhat sidelined by the Shiv Sena leadership, his reactions or open criticisms created problems for the Shiv Sena. But now there is also anger towards Tanaji Sawant as the cost effective and fair price is yet to be given by Bhairavanath Sugar. Now Rahul Mote has started sowing sugar. Former MLA Dnyaneshwar Patil and Shankarao Borkar are also two prominent faces in Paranda constituency politics. As Borkar lives in Mumbai for his business and industry, he is also in touch with Matoshree. Earlier, Borkar had to face defeat in two assembly elections. Caste-caste politics came into discussion because of that.

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In the 2019 election, Shiv Sena ahead of Mote as a wealthy but Maratha community leader. Sawant was dropped. Sawant won. In this, the leadership of Dnyaneshwar Patil, who was a native Shiv Sainik and was also an Sena MLA, was left behind. But Prof. For Dnyaneshwar Patil, the fact that Sawant has joined the Shinde group is like coughing after reading the scriptures. Recently, when Patil was sick, he was directly questioned by Uddhav Thackeray. It was discussed in the constituency that he received a call directly from Matoshree. But now the experiment of ‘sugar sowing’ has started in the constituency against Sawant.

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