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Kangana Ranaut remains in the news for her social media posts more than her films. Now he has shared a long post with some of his videos. It is written in this post that how she does not use her negative emotions and takes inspiration from them to move forward. It is also written that if the villains in life make them comedians, then the story gets fun. In the video, Kangana is saying that as a woman we should not expect that we will get our share, we have to snatch it.

Kangana remembers old days

Kangana Ranaut speaks her mind boldly. He has shared the video clips on his Instagram story. In this, she is saying that you should always believe in yourself because the opinion of others about you is always changing. Kangana says that initially she was rejected by people as if she is nothing. But Kangana knew what she was. After this, Kangana wrote in the post, I never understood to use these emotions to make fun of, fail or do something wrong like bully etc. The fire of these experiences should be used to achieve one’s goal or to make oneself important.

Don’t look at yourself through the eyes of those who don’t appreciate you

It’s not okay to look at yourself through people who can’t praise and criticize you, and don’t miss a chance to embarrass them when you move on. After all there is no life without laughter. Those who want to be villains in your life, make them comedians… it will be a great story. Also read: On the demand of Lal Singh Chaddha to be boycott, Kangana Ranaut said – Aamir Khan is the mastermind behind this

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