Continuity, change according to time is the success mantra of investment!

MUMBAI: Investments should be reviewed with changing times and necessary adjustments should be made without delay and keeping sentiment aside. Economist Kaustubh Joshi said in the ‘Loksatta Arthasalla’ session held on Thursday that the sooner we understand the technique of exiting investments at the right time, then it will be possible to decide at what time and when to enter which investments.

A special ‘Loksatta Arthasalla’ Investor Jagar was organized for the employees of Mira-Bhyander Municipal Corporation on Thursday evening. The event presented by Leading Fund House – ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund was held at Municipal Nagar Bhawan Hall in Bhayander. The employees and officers of the municipality attended this program in large numbers and with enthusiasm.

The speakers on the occasion discussed the ways of proper financial planning in such a restless and unstable environment of stormy fluctuations in the capital market, rising mercury of inflation and consequently rising interest rates. The speakers also answered the questions raised by the employees of the Municipal Corporation. Sunil Walawalkar played the role of coordinator as the link between the speakers and the audience.

Kaustubh Joshi said that ‘asset allocation i.e. asset division is the most important aspect while investing, and this technique of asset division will be very valuable in the period of rising inflation. Of course, the often made mistake of investing all the money in one investment instrument should be avoided. Investing in the stock market is essential for inflation-beating returns. But instead of investing directly in stocks or mutual funds, alternatives like bank fixed deposits, gold, public provident funds, NPS should also be included in the investment, he suggested.

Mira-Bhainder MLA Geeta Jain, Mayor Jyotsna Hasanale, Mira-Bhainder Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Sambhaji Panpatte, Deputy Commissioner (Headquarters) Maruti Gaikwad, Deputy Commissioner Ajit Muthe, Deputy Commissioner Sanjay Shinde, Chief Accounts Officer Ajit Kulkarni were specially present in this program.

Resolution of financial freedom!

We are celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of the country’s independence. But are we truly experiencing financial freedom and self-reliance? Everyone hesitates to invest in the future and never actually start investing. This requires the will to make good investments, along with a solid financial goal that defines what the investment is for. Accordingly, then the alternative choice of investment will be possible. Investments made with attention to the factors of consistency, regular review and modification are always profitable in any market conditions. Even if the amount of investment is small, financial goals in life can be easily achieved if Shri Ganesha is invested early.

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