side effects of drinking cold water just after having meal thanda pani peene ke nuksan in hindi

Disadvantages of drinking cold water: If you are among those who sit with cold water while eating, change your habit immediately. Yes, drinking cold water can harm your health. Drinking cold water has a bad effect on your digestion and your immunity starts to weaken. Not only that, drinking cold water also damages the gallbladder. Actually, the normal temperature of our body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit ie 37 degrees Celsius. This is the reason that water with a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius is useful for our body. Drinking water colder than this is harmful. Let us know what is the damage to the health of drinking too much water.

Disadvantages of drinking cold water-
Constipation problem-

Drinking cold water can make your constipation problem worse. Actually the cold water reaches the stomach and makes the stool hard and when you go to washroom you have to face problems. Drinking too much cold water also shrinks the stomach and large intestine which is the main cause of constipation. People who often suffer from constipation should avoid drinking cold water.

Risk of heart attack-
The habit of drinking cold water immediately after eating food can be dangerous for your heart. A scientific research has revealed that drinking cold water after eating increases the risk of heart attack. A group of international scientists completed this research on people from China and Japan. People of China and Japan do not drink cold water after eating. These people drink hot tea after eating. The researchers found that the problem of heart attack in these people was not equal.

cold water makes fat
When cold water comes in contact with the acid present in the stomach along with food, it turns into fat. Which can cause many serious problems.

Mucus problem-
Drinking cold water after food makes mucus in the body. Apart from this, your immunity starts to decrease. Due to which the risk of catching cold increases. This is why you should never drink cold water after eating.

Energy Ho Jati Hai Khatm –
By drinking cold water, the metabolism in the body starts to work slowly and the body does not have the capacity to do more work. One of the main reasons for this is that cold water cannot release fat from the body, due to which the body remains sluggish and the energy level goes down.

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