Political equitation in Pune may change due to current political crises

Avinash Kavthekar

Due to the decision to improve the number of members of Municipal Corporations, it has become clear that the upcoming election will be held in a three-member (one ward of three corporators) system with one ward of four corporators. Therefore, the number of wards made according to three-member wards will decrease and the number of corporators will increase by two to 166 as compared to the year 2017. There is a possibility of delaying the elections due to the change in the ward structure and NCP and Congress have shown opposition to it.

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After the transition to power in the state and after the issue of political reservation for other backward class communities is resolved, there was a discussion that a ward of four corporators would be held in this manner for the upcoming elections in the city. Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress Mahavikas Aghadi government had designed the wards for the election in the manner of one ward of three corporators. It was alleged that she was favorable to the NCP. But reservation for OBC reservation, women reservation, reservation for general group including scheduled caste and scheduled tribe; It was determined by the Municipal Corporation by conducting a lottery process. While this process was done, it was decided to increase the number of corporators. Therefore, by changing the ward structure, it became clear that the upcoming election will be held in one ward of four corporators. The final ward structure has to be announced after the process of calling for objections and hearing the objections. After that the reservations in the ward have to be decided. It may take some time. The Cabinet has decided to increase the number of members. The picture will be clear only after receiving orders and instructions from the State Election Commission in this regard. If the number of members is to be increased, the study will have to be done according to the population, said the Deputy Commissioner of the Election Branch. Yashwant Mane said.

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Less number of wards

If a ward of four corporators is elected in this manner, the number of corporators is likely to increase by two. The number of wards will also decrease. In the 2017 municipal elections, 162 corporators were elected from 41 wards. After that the villages were included in the municipal limits. Eleven villages incorporated in October 2017 were merged into one ward from which two corporators were elected. So the number of corporators increased to 164. With the new decision, this number will be 166.

One corporator for every one lakh population

173 corporators were determined under the three-member ward system. If four corporators are elected on a ward basis, this number will be reduced by seven. The number of corporators is fixed between 161 and 175 for cities with a population of more than three lakhs. Accordingly, five corporators will be increased from 161 corporators to one corporator for one lakh population. So this number will be 166.

The Mahavikas Aghadi government had wrongly increased the number of corporators. It was expected to increase after the census. Power was also misused during the division. This decision of the state government is welcome. All will get equal opportunity due to ward four.-

Jagdish Mulik, City President

Election works like reservation, voter list finalization has been completed according to BJP division. Elections were expected to be declared as per the order of the Supreme Court. This decision has been taken for political interest in defiance of the court order. We will appeal against it in the Supreme Court.

Prashant Jagtap, City President, Nationalist Congress Party

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