Instant effective home remedies to get rid of onion bad breath naturally in Hindi

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Onion Breath: People who are fond of eating raw onion in salad also avoid eating it in the party. The reason is the bad smell coming from the mouth after eating it. Yes, the smell of onion does not leave the mouth even after hours of eating raw onion. Onions also contain many essential nutrients like vitamins, folic acid and fiber, which provide many health benefits. But the sulfur present in onions causes bad breath. People are afraid to open their mouth in front of others after eating onion because of its smell. If you also do this, next time try these effective remedies to get rid of onion smell from mouth after eating onion.

Consuming mint after eating onions can reduce the effect of sulfur found in onions. Consuming mint leaves rich in chlorophyll helps to get rid of oral bacteria. You can consume mint tea or juice to remove onion smell from mouth.

You can eat parsley or parsley to get rid of onion smell instantly. It also maintains freshness in the mouth along with removing onion smell. You can also eat celery along with chewing basil leaves to remove bad breath.

Drinking milk gets rid of the smell of raw onions. The fat present in it reduces the smell. For this you can rinse with milk.

green tea –
Green tea is also considered as a herbal drink. Drinking green tea after meals not only helps in digestion but also helps in removing bad breath.

Lemon has antibacterial properties. Which is very effective in removing the smell of raw onion. You can drink lemon juice in lukewarm water after eating.

Apple Cider Vinegar-
Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water and drink to get rid of raw onion smell. Keep in mind, some people may be harmed by consuming it. In this case, take expert opinion before consuming it.

chewing gum-
You can also chew chewing gum after eating onions to get rid of the bad smell of raw onions. It promotes the process of salivation in your mouth. According to a report by the American Dental Association, chewing sugar-free chewing gum 20 minutes after eating reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Fennel and cardamom-
Chewing fennel and cardamom after eating onions relieves bad breath. If you eat them with lukewarm water, it will be more beneficial.

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