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Akshay Kumar is considered to be the busiest actor of Bollywood. Due to signing films one after the other, many memes are also made on them. Many people advise him that he should do less films. Now Akshay Kumar has told that he celebrates the most holidays even after doing more films. His film Samrat Prithviraj was released in June. Now his film Rakshabandhan is about to release.

movies not played

Akshay Kumar is such an actor of Bollywood who is known for giving back to back movies. However, his last few films could not do much. After Bachchan Pandey, even Samrat Prithviraj could not pull the audience in theatres. Now he has hopes from the film Rakshabandhan.

I take more vacations than others

Akshay Kumar told ETimes, “Throughout my career, especially in the early days, people used to tell me why I work in 4 films in a year. People always said that I should reduce the number of films in which I act or produce. I want to tell you that I take more holidays than other people in the film industry and never work on Sundays. I work only half a day on Saturdays.

Doesn’t waste time in the vanity

Akshay said, I spend 8 hours on a film set but don’t spend even a minute in the vanity van. I stand on the floor of the movie set. My 8 hours are equal to 14-15 hours of other stars. I have such commitment with films. See also: Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ can be beaten for these 5 reasons, gutkha ad spoiled the game?

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