In dispute between eknath khadse and girish mahajan business of milk producer suffering in Jalgaon

Deepak Mahale

Jalgaon – In the cooperative sector, Jalgaon District Cooperative Milk Producers Union, which is the largest after Jalgaon District Cooperative Central Bank, is now in a dispute over the seat of power. Due to the allegations of malpractice against the milk union, an administrative board of 11 members was appointed as per the instructions of the Chief Minister. However, many people in the administrative board have direct and indirect political enmity with NCP leader, former minister MLA Eknath Khadse. On this occasion, former BJP Minister MLA Girish Mahajan has started trying to bring Khadse back to the pass. This Khurchi dispute has arisen at the root of the milk producers in the district.

Khadse has dominated the district milk union. His wife Mandatai Khadse has been the president for six and a half years, while All Party MLAs are the directors. The inquiry of Dudh Sangh is being considered as a big blow for Khadse. The term of the Board of Directors of Dudh Sangh ended in August 2020. However, due to Corona, the board of directors was extended. After that, the election process of the team also started. For this, 438 resolutions were received from the member milk societies of the district. After that, the election process of Dudh Sangh was postponed till September 30 as per the instructions of the government. In the meantime, due to the transfer of power in the state, the Maha Vikas Aghadi government collapsed and the BJP-Shinde group came into power.

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Former officer Patil had complained to MLA Mahajan that there was a huge malpractice in the milk union. Accordingly, MLA Mahajan wrote to the Chief Minister on July 8 to inquire into the milk union. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took immediate notice and ordered to take action. Accordingly, the deputy secretary of the dairy department constituted a five-member committee and ordered the commissioner of the dairy department to send a report by August 20 as per the inquiry. Meanwhile, a meeting of the Board of Directors was also called to decide the recruitment in the milk union. Earlier, on July 28, on the instructions of Chief Minister Shinde, an order was suddenly issued to investigate the malpractice in the milk union. An inquiry was started through the committee on the order of the Chief Minister citing that many complaints were received about the union. The deputy secretary ordered the dismissal of the board of directors working on the milk union with the aim of making it fair. The order also mentions that a board of directors of 11 members will be appointed till the election process. The governing body is prohibited from making policy decisions in court hearings.

Chalisgaon MLA Mangesh Chavan, MLA Chandrakant Patil, former MLA Prof. Chandrakant Sonawane, Ajay Bhole, Amol Patil, Arvind Deshmukh, Rajendra Rathod. Ashok Kandelkar, Gajanan Patil, Amol Shinde, Vikas Pandit Patil are included. It has a mix of supporters and staunch opponents of BJP’s Girish Mahajan. Many in the board of directors have direct and indirect political enmity with Khadse.

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Meanwhile, Mandatai Khadse has stated that he is the president and has not handed over the charge to anyone. The Executive Director is not given any powers of appointment. The court has ordered the same. So we are the president. Manda Khadse has claimed that our board of directors is working. However, Chief Administrator MLA Chavan has also said that the Board of Directors is in control of the team. We made a resolution. All work done. He mentioned that Mandatai should have left this post a year ago by raising the question of where the question of possession comes from. He criticized Khadse saying that he has worked from the role of keeping the chair to himself.
On this occasion, it is seen that the change of power in the state has also affected the politics in the milk union. Farmers are raising questions whether the milk union will develop in the politics of political intrigue, whether the problems of the milk producers in the district will be solved. Even after being in power, the leaders of the district did not use their capacity for development work but spent it for personal selfishness and revenge. The politics of daily political wrangling seems to have risen at the root of the milk producers in the district.

Such a coincidence

The state government has dismissed the board of directors of the milk union and appointed an administrator. The governing body consists of senior leaders and their supporters. All the members of the governing body belong to the BJP and the Shinde group. Amol Patil from Parola has also been appointed as an administrator. His father MLA Chimanrao Patil was a director in the sacked executive. A coincidence has been achieved that while the father’s post is being abolished on one hand, the son is getting the post as an administrator on the other hand. Amol Patil has already served as Chairman of Agriculture Produce Market Committee, District Bank Director. His father, MLA Chimanrao Patil, has been working as the director of the Dudh Sangh since 1978, except during the period when he was in charge of the National Milk Development Board (NDDB). He was a senior director in the disbanded executive. Amol Patil is the political heir of MLA Chimanrao.

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