Rajasthan: A new controversy has started due to the statement of BJP leader Vasudev Devnani

Rajasthan BJP leader Vasudev Devnani has recently made a statement. Due to this statement, he has once again come into the limelight. Devnani said that “Teaching students about Akbar will not instill a sense of patriotism in them.” If we want to inculcate this feeling in the minds of the students, it is necessary to teach them Maharana Pratap. Vasudev Devnani talks about BJP’s plans in Rajasthan, biggest failure of Congress government in the state and 2023 assembly elections. He was giving information about the welfare policies implemented by Prime Minister Modi in twenty years. He gave information about the welfare schemes implemented by Modi for 12 years as Chief Minister and 8 years as Prime Minister.

In the same way that Mahatma Gandhi made freedom a people’s mission, Modiji has also tried to make development a people’s mission. He started his life as a tea seller and therefore he knows the problems of the common man and thus can work better for their upliftment. In Rajasthan, we are organizing events from August 1 to 31, where we will get speakers including intellectuals, teachers etc. from the state and outside to address public events.

He further said that I do not believe that there is an allegation that the status of the country is declining at present. Be it economy or social freedom, the status of the country has increased in every subject. Poverty in the country has reduced. Second, a country’s place in the world is judged by many factors, including how it copes with disasters, how its economy is performing, and how well its benefits are reaching the poorest. For example, all villages are now electrified. There are toilets in the houses. Crores of cylinders have been given under Ujjwala Yojana, drinking water is being provided through Jal Jeevan Mission, loans are being given under Mudra Yojana. All these have improved the standard of living of the people. Poor, but (ranking) agencies can’t reach them. Also, he (Modi) has isolated the world against terrorism and isolated Pakistan. Britain, America, Germany or Japan are all standing with us now.

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