Identify from this line how many friends you have – Astrology

Most of the people have some enemy in life. This enemy can be in any form. It can happen in career as well as in personal life. But the question is how to recognize these enemies. In palmistry, the lines in the hands regarding the enemy have been told. There are both friend and foe lines in the hand. There are two Mars in the hand. One high Mars and low Mars. The junior lines in the hand i.e. the lines lying on the mount of Mars located under the mount of Mercury are enemy lines. The more these lines are, the more will be the number of enemies. Enemies can harm you if any of these lines are too long.

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If this line lengthens and cuts the fate line, then the enemy will deceive you a lot in life and will cause huge financial loss. In the part of the age in which the enemy line crosses the fate line, there is a loss in that age. Small lines don’t do big damage. If there is an island on the enemy line, then it shows that the person concerned is indulging in immoral activities. If there is a lotus sign or other auspicious sign in hand, then they will not be able to harm you even if there is an enemy line. If the lines come out from the Mars area located near the mount of Venus and cross the life line, then these are also enemy lines but they show the people close to you. Someone close may try to harm you

(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that it is completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected result. Which has been presented keeping in mind the general public interest only.)


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