Toad poison treatment to cure a hangover putins russian billionaire oil baron alexander subbotin dies mhpl

Moscow, May 11: What people don’t do to get a hangover. But a billionaire big official experimented on himself to bring down the hangover that led to his death. He has lost his life in the sound of hanging out in an unwanted manner. It is alleged that the man poisoned himself to cause a hangover (Man died after Toad poison treatment to cure a hangover). The death of Alexander Subbotin in Russia has caused a stir. Alexander was a billionaire in Russia and a former official of Lukoil, the country’s largest oil company. He was a member of the board of the Russian energy corporation Lukoil. His body was found in a basement in Mitishchi, Moscow. The cause of his death is also shocking.
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The Sun.According to the report, Subbotin’s death was caused by toad poisoning. He was treating a hangover using frog venom, Telegram Channel Mash claims. According to the channel, Subbotin had gone to a magician in Mitishchi. Subbotin had known him for a long time and was also taking his services. That’s how they went to him once to treat a hangover. A hole was made in their skin and frog venom was injected there. It was later claimed that he had recovered.
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But then his health suddenly deteriorated. Their hearts began to ache. The magician did not even call an ambulance. He slept in the basement and died there. “Subbotin and I were just friends,” the magician told police

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