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The tastes of music also changed with the changing times and it seems to have had a direct effect on classical music. The application of ‘Ragya’, which is a great opportunity for the aficionados of Indian classical music, is not only arousing curiosity, but also appealing to the aficionados. The concept of ragasamaya is very important in Indian music. Therefore, it is not permissible to sing and listen to any raga at any time. ‘Ragya’ has made this a great facility. Many new artists want to present their singing to the audience. It has been made easier by this deployment. The app ‘Ragya’ can also be available on your mobile. It can also be made available for free, and you can listen to about two thousand programs available there for a small fee. The idea for ‘Ragya’ came about because of the large amount of music available on many platforms made available by the new technology, but it takes a lot of research to get it right. There was a need to do this in order to save time and make it easier to listen to good music based on good quality recording technology. From that, Chaitanya Nadkarni, Aditya Dipankar and Sanyukta Shastri decided to carry out the concept of ‘Ragya’. While listening to music, recognizing the needs of the audience, all three of them happily do all the work of finding new artists, getting sound recordings.

‘Even many reputed artists do not come in front of the audience for one reason or another. More than that, many artists continue to worship Indian classical music even while living abroad. Our goal is to bring them on the stage of ‘Ragya’, ‘said Chaitanya Nadkarni. In the last three years, especially during the Coronation period, ‘Ragya’ has given life to many fans. This gave the opportunity to listen to new great music and so many new artists also came to light due to this app. As soon as you start deploying ‘Ragya’, the raga of that time is presented. So the idea of ​​ragasamaya in ragasangeet is also slowly coming to mind. The application also has the facility to listen to the singing of a particular artist. So Rasika can hear the favorite rage of her favorite artist. When you are on a journey, whenever you feel like listening to music while working, you can listen to this music through the device like mobile in your hand. That is why ‘Ragya’ gained popularity in a short period of time. While this tradition of hundreds of years may not be a thing of the past, many young people are willing to dedicate their entire lives to classical music, but it is also their duty to do something for them. That is why every fan should respond to ‘Ragya’.

Indian classical music is one of the earliest traces of culture here. While this is a sign of the ever-changing and fluid classical music, Rasik is calling for more efforts to be made to highlight it.

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