Good news for Dish TV users! HD Box will be able to watch the channel for free for less than Rs 1,000

Dish TV has come up with a special offer for its users. With this offer, users can upgrade their normal set-top box to HD box for just Rs. This offer is for set-top box (SD STB) users. With this upgrade, the company is also offering users a free HD channel pack for a month. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Dish TV’s HD set top box is currently selling for Rs 1,540. In that case, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of this offer.

Details of the offer

The HD pack available in this offer will be the same as the SD pack you took. But, HD channels will also be added. This means that channels like & TV HD, StarPlus HD, ZEETV HD, ZEE Cinema HD will be available for users. The company says that by switching to HD box, users will see 5 times clearer picture than before. The world is turning to HD content, allowing users to view their favorite content with improved quality, including HD boxes.

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Dish TV says that with the HD box, users will get not only visual but also good sound quality. 5.1 HD set-top box with surround sound features. This greatly enhances the user experience. As mentioned above, this offer is for Dish TV users using SD set-top boxes. However, HD packs are more expensive than SD packs. You can place an order directly on the company’s website or by calling Customer Care.


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