BJP MP Chikhlikar rushed to protect the rebel MLA Kalyankar

Sanjeev Kulkarni

Nanded: While anger is being expressed against some MLAs of Shiv Sena’s Eknath Shinde’s group, BJP MP Pratap Patil Chikhlikar has taken up the defense of Nanded MLA Balaji Kalyankar, a member of the same group. “We will not push Kalyankar,” he warned Thackeray’s supporters. After a two-day visit to Mumbai, Chikhlikar returned to Nanded on Saturday morning. He then commented on the political developments in the state and their possible repercussions in Nanded.

Outrage has been expressed in some quarters against the participation of some MLAs in Minister Eknath Shinde’s group. Against this backdrop, pro-Thackeray Shiv Sainiks have not taken any action against rebel MLA Balaji Kalyankar in Nanded, but no one from the party has come forward to support him; But the BJP MP, while supporting Kalyankar’s political action, also hinted at his party’s support for Shinde’s revolt.

Balaji Kalyankar’s residence and office are in the same tall building in Taroda Khurd area of ​​the city. After settling down as an MLA, he set up his liaison office on the ground floor of a residential building. There has been a police escort since last Tuesday. After Kalyankar’s involvement in the Shinde group became clear, the local Shiv Sainiks expressed their displeasure over his actions; But they have so far avoided attacking or protesting. BJP MP Chikhlikar on Saturday backed his action. In 2019, Kalyankar was the candidate of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. Noting that the BJP also played a major role in his victory, Chikhlikar also accepted the responsibility of protecting Kalyankar in future political developments. It also supported their current role.

Chikhlikar clarified that BJP has nothing to do with Shiv Sena rebellion. “If Eknath Shinde and his fellow MLAs come with us in sufficient numbers, a new government can be formed in the state under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis,” he said. Though MP Chikhlikar has returned from Mumbai, BJP MLAs are staying in Mumbai. Chikhlikar said in a reply that the party leaders would decide who would be given a seat in the new government from Nanded district or not.


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