actress sonali bendre talk about bollywood and underworld don connection and she lost roles in films see details | “Underworld Dawn dominates Bollywood and …” Actress Sonali Bendre’s big revelation

Actress Sonali Bendre successfully overcomes cancer. Since then, she has resumed her work. In the nineties, Sonali gave more than one superhit film to Bollywood. But what exactly was the situation in Bollywood at that time? She has made a big revelation about this. In a recent interview, what was the connection between Sonali and Bollywood and Underworld Dawn? It is also clearly stated that Bollywood is dominated by the underworld.

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What exactly did Sonali Bendre say?
Sonali had appeared in the podcast ‘The Ranveer Show’. This time she was seen speaking clearly on many topics in Bollywood. “I used to work under pressure from Bollywood director Underworld Dawn in the nineties. Even the director could not help in such a situation. I also had to step out of some movies. Besides, money for Bollywood movies used to come in different ways at that time. ” That is what Sonali said this time.

Accompanied by husband
Speaking further, Sonali said, “I wanted to stay away from every play of the filmmaker. I also succeeded in this. In the meantime, my husband, Goldie Behl, helped me a lot. Who is producing which film? Underworld Dawn has no money behind which film? Goldie would let me know. “

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Not only that, Sonali had to face some difficult situations. “Underworld Dawn pushed me out of a lot of movies. I thought I would get the role of this film now. But suddenly another actress was chosen for the role. I was pressured by my co-stars and directors not to talk about it. ” Through this interview, Sonali has tried to present the true situation of Bollywood at that time.


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