Tata Motors’ Nexon EV on fire too! ; A thorough investigation of the incident by the company

New Delhi:Leading automaker Tata Motors’ electric Nexon E-V caught fire in Mumbai recently. Tata Motors said on Thursday that it was investigating the incident.

The vehicle is being inspected and the company will provide information after the inspection, Tata Motors said. The explanation was given by the company after the video of Nexon EV exploding on social media spread rapidly. In the last four years, Tata Motors has sold more than 30,000 electric vehicles that have traveled more than 100 million kilometers across the country. However, the company said that this was the first time the vehicle had caught fire in this manner.

Also noticed by the government

There has been a significant increase in the incidence of fires in electric bikes in the last few days. For this, the central government has also taken note of this and has formed a board to investigate the fire incidents. Penalties have also been issued for negligence on the part of automakers.


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