Samsung launches soundbar lineup with TV-to-soundbar Dolby Atmos connection | This World Music Day, Samsung Brings 2022 Soundbar Lineup with the World’s First Built-in Wireless Samsung TV-to-Soundbar Dolby Atmos Connection

Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has launched its 2022 soundbar range. This category includes the world’s first built-in wireless Dolby B Atmos, Q-Symphony, DTSX, SpaceFit Sound Advance and the world’s slimmest soundbar for seamless Samsung TV-to-soundbar connections. Featuring the flagship Q series and the Lifestyle S series, the new range delivers a high-quality in-home entertainment audio experience, creating three-dimensional audio in the corner of the home. The 2022 range is designed to give a premium look to living spaces with its sleek metal mesh design. The new range, priced from Rs 24,990, will be available on Samsung and Flipkart from June 21, 2022 on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, all Samsung retail stores, leading consumer electronics stores and online platforms.

Consumers in India appreciate high quality audio and are investing heavily in advanced surround sound that enhances their home entertainment experience. With our 2022 Soundbar category, we are also meeting the needs of our customers towards attractive design style with realistic sound output. The advanced sound design of this range combines sound and gives you a unique sound experience, ”said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India.

The perfect companion for the Samsung Neo QLED and QULED TVs, the flagship Q series has the world’s first built-in wireless Samsung TV-to-Soundbar Dolby B Atmos connection, giving you the best of Wi-Fi connections. Dolby B. Atmos enjoys your favorite entertainment with a great sound, which gives you a remarkably realistic sound experience. The improved QU-Symphony sound bar connects to the speakers of compatible Samsung televisions for a wireless Dolby Atmos experience and enhances the 3D sound effect on the screen by enhancing the audio compatible with the TV. For a more custom sound experience, Space Fit Sound Advances customizes the sound according to the size of the room.

The Lifestyle S series has the world’s slimmest soundbar S801B, which is 60% slimmer than regular soundbars. It is a style statement and conversion starter. Another attractive new model in the series is the S61B, which can fit seamlessly in any space with its consistent design. This range offers improved sound calibration with an ultra-premium look, which enhances the TV viewing experience. Additional convenience features such as Alexa Voice Assistant, Tap View or AirPlay allow customers to enjoy listening to their favorite mobile playlists. These soundbars combine passive radiator technology with their subwoofer to deliver powerful bass sound in compact form, and with authentic top-firing speaker channels they produce natural, room-filling Dolby Atmos sound. The slim, minimal design is unique in style and is designed to fit perfectly under the TV or as a standalone speaker.

Price and availability

The Q series soundbars will be available in Q990B, Q930B, Q800B, Q700B and Q600B models starting from Rs 31,990. The S Series Soundbars will be available in S810B and S61B models starting at Rs 24,990. The 2022 category will be available on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, all Samsung retail stores, leading consumer electronics stores and online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Q series

  • With a new design and upgraded bass, the Q190B model with 11.1.4 channels will give customers strong sound quality.
  • The Q990B has a 11.1.4 channel surround sound, a subwoofer channel, four up-firing channels and two wireless rear speakers for the best Dolby Atmos. The Q930B model has attractive metal design, rear speakers and 9.1.4 channels, which give customers the best surround sound experience.
  • The Q800B model will have an upgraded design with side speakers and a 5.1.2 channel surround sound system.
  • The new model Q700B will have up-firing top speakers, which will deliver the best sound with a 3.1.2 channel surround sound system and are compatible with Alexa and Google.
  • The Q600B will feature QU-Symphony Generation 2 audio experience with advanced design and HDMI EARC connection. The 2022 model will also have acoustic beam technology, which will provide the best sound experience by mixing sounds. It sounds like an on-screen action and is perfect for movie watching and gaming.

S series

  • The S-Series will be the S801B model in the range and will be available in built-in wireless Dolby B Atmos and DTS Virtual X with built-in Alexa and 3.1.2 channel surround sound with ultra-slim design.
  • The ultra-slim soundbar features powerful sound with a depth of just 39.9mm, which complements your home lifestyle.
  • This model easily fits under the TV or as a standalone speaker. It provides powerful bass sound in compact form with proper top-firing speaker channels. These channels produce a natural, room-filling Dolby B Atmos sound.
  • The new S61B, on the other hand, will have a wireless Dolby B Atmos / DTS virtual access second-generation Q-Symphony, modern design, as well as a built-in Alexa and AirPlay for a realistic sound experience with a 5.0 channel surround system.


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