After Shiv Sena, now Congress fears that time will come for its MLAs

Given the current political situation in Maharashtra, the Mahavikas Aghadi government is unlikely to survive. Seeing the revolt in Shiv Sena and the BJP’s strategy behind the scenes, now the Congress is worried about its own MLAs. According to a faction in the Congress, the Congress central leadership is not moving to keep the Congress united and some MLAs in the party could easily be the target of the BJP’s strategy. After the Shiv Sena mutiny, the Congress had on Wednesday night sent Kamal Nath as an observer to review the situation. The situation was assessed by interacting with 44 Congress MLAs. The Congress leadership has come to the conclusion that the Maharashtra Mahavikas Aghadi is no more.

After coming to Maharashtra, Kamal Nath discussed the situation in the state with Sharad Pawar. After that, he had a phone conversation with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. He then briefed the Congress leadership on the situation in the state before leaving Maharashtra.

“It simply came to our notice then. Uddhav Thackeray has lost the will to fight. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. There is nothing that you can do about it. This is what the NCP is all about. Now it is up to Shiv Sena to save power, ”a Congress leader told The Indian Express.

When contacted, Kamal Nath said, “Our MLAs are with us. There is complete unity in the Congress. My question is why Shiv Sena MLAs are still here in Guwahati? Uddhav is ready to resign for the new leadership. So they should come back and call a meeting of the party legislature members and choose the leader they want. What do they want to achieve by staying in Guwahati? ”.

“Congress state in-charge HK Patil has not taken any initiative regarding Congress MLAs in the current situation. While all the MLAs need to be kept together, many are moving freely. It should not be forgotten that the votes of Congress MLAs were split in the Assembly elections, ”a Congress leader from the state told The Indian Express.

“The votes of two to seven MLAs were divided. The party’s first candidate, Chandrakant Handore, lost. Has the party really taken this seriously? Who are the MLAs who vote for the other? Did the party find out? This question was raised by a Congress leader. Chandrakant Handore had secured 29 first-choice votes, but he actually got 22. There are two possibilities. Some of the five MLAs who voted for Handor voted for Bhai Jagtap. If so, two people voted for the BJP. But according to the senior leader, Bhai Jagtap got the extra five votes from the independents. Then this means that the party’s seven votes went to the BJP. Aren’t these all worries? But this has not been taken seriously. This means that our MLAs can easily fall into this trap.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Handore said, “I did my maths and according to that, I got the two votes I expected and five people voted for Jagtap.”

“Kamal Nath came and took a review and left in two days. This is not their fault. Because they also want to run the party in their state. But HK Patil was said to be in Mumbai. But could the party MLAs meet him, is the situation handled like this? Those who have party responsibilities in the state have not met the Chief Minister. But met Pawar. Does it really show? ” Such a reaction has been given by a senior Congress leader.


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