13 year old chinese boy stuck for 66 days alone learns cooking n looking after pets aj

New Delhi, May 12: You may have heard that when a man has a sudden crisis in his head, he learns everything. Something similar happened to a 13-year-old boy living in China. The Boy Learns to Cook and Look After Pets, who was once very lazy and never did his own thing, stayed home alone for 66 days and took good care of not only himself but also his pets. Tidy the house, took good care of everything. The boy from China News lives with his parents. At present the situation of Corona virus is under control in our country but in China the situation is different (Corona Virus News). There was a lockdown in some areas due to Corona’s haze. The boy’s parents had gone out for some work, when the lockdown took place and the boy was left alone in the house. He had to take care of not only himself but also the dogs and cats kept in the house. Read this – researchers are shocked by the ‘sleeping’ village; People who sleep here while walking; Reason …
Stayed alone for 66 days with dog and cat

According to the South China Morning Post, the boy’s name is Kunshan and he lives in Jiangsu Province. His parents left for Shanghai on February 28 due to his father’s medical treatment. Meanwhile, it was stuck in Shanghai until April due to a lockdown in China. During these two months, their 13-year-old son was at home. His online classes also started and he was managing the whole house alone. He also had a pet dog and a cat in the house. The boy’s mother sent food online for her baby and pet for a few weeks. But the real problem came when the service was shut down. Read this – Posthumous Pulitzer Prize for Danish Siddiqui; The corona position was presented in the photos

The boy also learned to cook and take care of pets

His mother was terrified at the thought of being alone at home for 66 days, but the boy comforted her and told her not to worry. I learned cooking from my mother over the phone. With the help of cooking utensils kept in the house, the child prepared pre-prepared meals. But when he got bored, the child learned to cook properly. Even though the house was very dirty for so many days, he used to clean the dishes for his dogs and cats. The mother expressed surprise that when she returned, the boy and both pets were in good health.

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