Why did Bachchu Kadu support the rebellion in Shiv Sena? | Bacchu Kadu Help Eaknath Shinde in his rebel

Mohan Atalkar

Bachchu Kadu, who was in opposition and fought on the streets for the people’s cause, got the post of Minister of State by supporting Shiv Sena. Discussions are rife in political circles as to why Bachchu Kadu, who says he does not like the post of minister, went to support Sen’s rebel leader Eknath Shinde as soon as he came to power.

Bachchu Kadu was considered close to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. After supporting Shiv Sena at the time of establishment of power in the state, he got the opportunity to work as Minister of State for Water Resources, Beneficiary Area Development, School Education, Women and Child Development, Backward Classes Welfare, Labor. While working as the Guardian Minister of Akola district, he also got time to organize his party Prahar in West Vidarbha. But, still, Bachchu Kadu was upset. The reasons are now said to be related to their future political battle.
Bachchu Kadu has been elected MLA from Achalpur constituency four times so far. They were first defeated in 1999. His election struggle has been with the Congress. Political pundits say that his problem is that he cannot openly take a stand against the Congress when he is a small component party in the Mahavikas Aghadi.

Political circles also expressed surprise that Bachchu Kadu had sought the help of BJP in Akola district while extending the strike and that the BJP had not taken an aggressive stance against Bachchu Kadu. It is said that he has now decided to support the Shiv Sena’s splinter group as a matter of convenience. Bachchu is a Shiv Sainik of bitter origin. While working as the chairman of Chandur Bazar Panchayat Samiti, when the issue of construction of inferior toilets came up, he had agitated and attracted the attention of the entire state. Later, he defeated the Shiv Sena and formed an organization called ‘Prahar’. During the winter session of the Legislature in 2006, he had agitated for various demands of the farmers by climbing on the water tank like the hero in the movie ‘Sholay’. The movement resounded well. The then Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil finally climbed the 80 feet high tank. There he had a discussion with Bachchu Kadu.

Bachchu Kadu, who was trying to gain mass support through permanent agitation, realized the importance of the role of small parties in establishing power during the last elections. He is accompanied by Prahar’s Melghat MLA Rajkumar Patel. Despite being in power, it seemed difficult to work with the Congress-NCP as Minister of State.

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