Teenager scammer receives Rs 46 crore by government against fake covid tests mhkp

New Delhi 03 June: Different types of cases occurred during the Corona epidemic. Some people are seen giving up selfishness and helping others, while others are seen cheating people even in these difficult times to earn money. A similar 17-year-old boy was arrested in Germany for possessing a fake covid test center (Fake COVID Test Center) 46 crore from state funds in the name (Teenager Scammer). Awful! The kidneys of the poor deal in millions; The incident took place in Germany in 2020-2021, when a large racket was uncovered from the capital. At this time the Corona epidemic was showing its terrible form in the country. In such a situation, people were being asked to do more and more covid tests and for this, test centers were being paid from the state funds. Taking advantage of this, a student opened a fake Covid test center and directly deceived the government. A 17-year-old student had an idea about government funding for testing centers during an epidemic. In 2020, he had opened a fake covid test center only on paper. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the German doctors’ association believed the boy’s information and assumed he was running a covid test center. The boy billed 5,000 rupees a day and ate money in the name of the center. At the time, Corona was so apprehensive that the test centers were accepting the bill without looking at it and giving grants to it. The boy took advantage of this. Gas cutter smashed ATM machine, smuggled Rs 9 lakh! This scam boy made a bill of 5 lakh tests. Surprisingly, he was never caught, even during an investigation by the Doctors Association. However, a bank employee suddenly saw so much money in the account of a student who was studying and became suspicious of money laundering. He informed the police that the boy was caught cheating during the investigation. However, he was a minor at the time of the crime, so he was fined Rs 1.20 lakh and released on one year probation.

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