Ruby: A beautiful bright gem also shines luck, if you want to make the Sun strong in the horoscope….

Manikya: If the Sun planet in your horoscope is debilitated or is sitting with an enemy planet, then on the advice of astrologers to make it strong, you can shine your luck by wearing a ruby ​​stone, because by giving auspicious results of the Sun, the person will have high governance including administration. Gets good position and respect in the field.

Introduction to Ruby: A gem with a pinkish luster that looks like a ruby ​​pomegranate is a precious stone. It is called Ruby in English. Due to the rays of the sun, his blood, which had fallen on the ground, was drying up and becoming gloomy, but Ravana stopped him on the way and threw him in the river of Sinhala island, where areca trees are planted. Since then the name of that river also became ‘Ravan Ganga’ and Padmarag-ruby started to be born in it.

Upgrades of Ruby: Although there are many gems of ruby, but the main among them are Red Garnet ie Tamda, Red Termeline i.e. Red Turmali, Spinel or Spinal i.e. Kantkis, Red Swarovski etc.

Laldi or Suryamani is considered to be the main sub-ratna of Ruby. Lal, Laldi, Manikya Mani, these are all the same. Ten types of redis are found due to apartheid. These distinctions are very subtle. Wear it only after asking an expert. Tamra or Tamramani is also a ruby ​​stone. This is a type of stone. Hornley and Sunasham are also said to be complementary to Ruby.

In which metal and finger to wear ruby: Wearing a ruby ​​in a ring of copper or gold and wearing it in the ring finger. All the gems of ruby ​​can be worn in silver. Pure copper ring can also pacify the suffering of the sun.

With which gemstone you should not wear and with whom: Wearing ruby ​​with sapphire, diamond and onyx can be harmful. Wearing a ruby ​​in an iron ring is harmful. Ruby can be worn with pearl, emerald, coral and topaz.

Effects of Ruby: The effect of ruby ​​lasts for 4 years from the time of inlaying it in the ring, after that another ruby ​​should be installed. The same rules apply to the above sub-gems as well.

Benefits of wearing ruby: Manik or Manikya gives success in political and administrative work. If it is getting benefit then your face will glow otherwise there will be headache and family problems will also increase. You may have to face failure.

Harm : This gemstone represents the planet Sun and there is a law to wear it according to the horoscope, otherwise it can cause harm. Wearing a fake ruby ​​can also cause many damages. It is said that the best is the Burmese ruby. It is also important to know how many carats or ratti rubies should be worn. It also happens that you do not have a suit of more carat or a suit of less carat. Before wearing a ruby ​​in the signs of Saturn or ascendant, take the advice of astrology.

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