Can’t remember your BSNL number? Learn the easy way to check | Can’t remember your BSNL number? Learn the easy way to check

If you are one of those people who do not remember their own BSNL mobile number and if you are looking for the easiest way to find it, now you need not worry because we have found the easiest way for you to find your BSNL number. In fact, BSNL numbers can be checked online with USSD codes. At the same time, another easy way to check BSNL number is to call another number and note down the number that flashes on the screen of another mobile. But, we will give you information on how to check BSNL number via USSD code and online. Let’s learn about it

How to check BSNL number with USSD code?

USSD codes not only help you to check new plans and offers but also to check your BSNL number. By the way, BSNL has various circles in the country like Gujarat, Kerala, Haryana so we have given you information about BSNL number check code, with the help of which you can check your mobile number.

* 1 #
* 2 #
* 222 #
* 888 #
* 785 #
* 555 #
5552 #
* 888 #
* 8881 #

Please note that you can check the BSNL number using any of these USSD codes. However, each BSNL circle is configured with a code so that if you have difficulty tracking your prepaid or postpaid GSM number with the first option, you can use the following options.

Check mobile number using BSNL app

You can check BSNL numbers online using the BSNL app. However, keep in mind that you can use My BSNL app to check your mobile number only if you have registered your number for the first time after downloading the app. Follow the steps given below to check the tension free BSNL number online using the app.

1) First go to Google Play Store or App Store and find My BSNL App.
2) Download and install the app.
3) Once installed, first enter your mobile number and log in (if you do not know your mobile number, you can use USSD code option above to check BSNL number).
4) After entering your BSNL number you will get an OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile.
5) Enter OTP to complete the login process on the app.
6) Once you log in to the BSNL app, you can see your mobile number anytime, anywhere displayed on the home screen of the app.
7) At the same time, you can check BSNL number by calling another number or sending SMS.

The easiest way to check BSNL number

The easiest way to check BSNL number is to call another number or send an SMS. However, you need to have a valid plan for this.


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