100 days of Russia and Ukraine War Zelensky claims Russian soldiers kidnapped 2 lakh children mhpv

Ukraine, June 03: Today marks the 100th day of the Russia-Ukraine War. On February 24, tensions between the two countries over NATO membership escalated to the point that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the war. Russian troops are again attacking all cities in Ukraine. Ukraine is crumbling in the war (Ukrainian cities). Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Wednesday made a sensational claim that Russia had abducted 2 million children from Ukraine. The purpose of this criminal conspiracy is not only to kidnap people but also to force them to forget completely about Ukraine and make them unable to return, he claimed.

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Zelensky said Russian attacks had killed 243 children and injured 446 others. The people of Ukraine will not surrender and will not allow the children of Ukraine to become the property of another (Russia). The Russian military is busy occupying the Donbass area with full force. The city of Svirodonesk in Luhansk is at the center of Russian attacks. According to the city administration, Russian forces have occupied more than 70 percent of the city and thousands of people are trapped in homes without electricity and food. The eyes of thousands of medical students who were evacuated under Operation Ganga after Russia invaded Ukraine are now on the Ministry of Health and Education and the National Medical Commission (NMC). The corporation had allowed these medical students to do 12 months internship in India on humanitarian grounds.

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The Russian attack has forced 6.8 million people to flee Ukraine, about 15% of its population, meaning one in six Ukrainians has been forced to flee the country. According to a UNHRC report, about 3.6 million of these 6.8 million people have arrived in Poland, resulting in a 10% increase in the population. Ukraine’s population has grown from 43 million in 2021 to 3.7 million now. In Ukraine, on the other hand, 8 million people have been internally displaced, leading to a major humanitarian crisis. The crisis is so severe that one child in Ukraine is becoming a refugee every second. To besiege Russia, Western nations are constantly tightening their grip on sanctions. According to media reports, 5,831 sanctions have been imposed on Russia since the war began. Of these, the United States has the highest number of 1,144 sanctions. In addition, more than 4,800 Russian citizens were banned and 562 organizations and 458 companies were banned. A total of 10,159 sanctions have been imposed on Russia since 2014.

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Russian forces launched an air strike on a chemical plant in the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. The tank of nitric acid contained in this plant was attacked.

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