“Time for Mahavikasaghadi is over …”, Aroh Velankaran’s ‘to’ tweet in discussion | Actor Aroh Welankar Comment On Eknath Shinde Arrive Guwahati From Surat With 40 Mla nrp 97

Mahavikas Aghadi government is in trouble due to revolt by Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde. Political movements in the state have gained momentum to convince them and save the Mahavikas Aghadi government. Shiv Sena leader Milind Narvekar has visited Surat and met Eknath Shinde. However, there is no way out of this discussion yet. So this discussion seems to have failed. Since then, Eknath Shinde has reached Guwahati in Assam from Surat with a total of 40 MLAs, including 33 from Shiv Sena and seven from Independents. The MLAs were airlifted to Guwahati by a chartered plane overnight. On the one hand, the political situation in the state has intensified, on the other hand, many people are reacting to it.

Recently, a Marathi actor tweeted about this. Actor Aaroh Welankar is always active on social media. He has responded to the political developments in the state by tweeting. Along with Eknath Shinde, 33 Shiv Sena MLAs and seven independents have reached Guwahati in Assam from Surat. Aaroh has responded by tweeting.

Reacting to Eknath Shinde’s tweet, the famous actor said, “Don’t go back.”

A total of 50 MLAs from Maharashtra are currently present in Guwahati, Assam. “I think the time for Mahavikasaghadi has come to an end. Let’s see what happens next. ” This tweet was made by Aaroh Welankar. Many have responded to his tweet. In addition, some have even tried to troll Aroha.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena rebel leader Eknath Shinde has reached Guwahati from Surat. He has claimed that he has 40 MLAs with him. It has 33 Shiv Sena MLAs and seven independent MLAs. Shinde and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had a discussion yesterday evening. But even after that, the discussion is said to have fizzled out as Eknath Shinde went to Guwahati with the rebel MLAs at midnight.


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