sovereign gold bond scheme first tranche to open for subscription on June 20 zws 70 | Investments in universal gold bonds open until Friday

The next stage of sale of gold bonds is between 22nd to 26th August 2022

Mumbai: The first phase of investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds for the current year (2022-23) has started from Monday, June 20 and investors can apply till Friday, June 24.

Due to the uncertainty created by the fall in key indices in the capital markets, investors are likely to turn to gold bonds as a safe investment option. The next phase of the sale of gold bonds will be open for sale from 22nd to 26th August 2022. In this phase, the price of gold in gold bonds has been fixed at Rs 5,091 per gram.

In addition, investors who purchase digitally will get a discount of Rs 50 per gram on cash purchases. This means that they will be able to get gold bonds at the rate of Rs 5,041 per gram. The sale of these bonds is managed by the Reserve Bank on behalf of the government and the general public can purchase these bonds from the internet banking or direct branch of the designated banks and from the post office.

These gold bonds, guaranteed by the Central Government, include a minimum of 1 gram to a maximum of 4,000 grams for individuals and undivided Hindu families (HUFs); It has been clarified that gold bonds weighing 20,000 grams can be purchased in one financial year for trusts and similar institutions.

Bond Sale Start Date: 20 June 2022

Bond Closing Date: June 24, 2022

Minimum investment: one gram

Maximum investment: 4 kg

Price per gram: Rs. 5,091 per gram

Digital purchase price: Rs 5,041 per gram

Duration of Gold Bonds: 8 years

Annual interest: 2.50% (half yearly payable)


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