Fish jumped into the throat of a man and wiggled down his windpipe mhkp

New Delhi 03 June: No one can predict what will happen to anyone. Often accidents happen even when you are in a safe place, which surprises everyone. Things happen that we don’t even think about. Some of these incidents are so strange that everyone is shocked to know about them. A similar incident has been reported from Bangkok, Thailand. In the incident, a fish suddenly came out of the water and jumped directly into the mouth of the fisherman. Not only that, but the fish reached the person’s neck. Later, the fish got stuck in the throat (Fish Jumped of into Man’s Throat). The shocking act of youth after a breakup; Strange act of kidnapping ex-girlfriend According to the New York Post, a fisherman was sitting in the water with a net to catch fish. Just then, a fish came out of the water and attacked the man. The fish went straight into the man’s mouth and got stuck in his throat. According to reports, the incident took place on May 22 in Falthalung, Thailand. According to the information received, the 5-inch fish got stuck in the neck and the person started having difficulty in breathing. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital. At first, the doctors did not understand his condition. The doctors treating the man said that such cases are very rare and they had never seen such a case before. Father spits on Leki going to Sasari; After the marriage, the doctor saved the life of this person and did not allow any injuries to his other organs. Another similar case was reported from Thailand earlier this year. In it, while a man was swimming in the water, a fish suddenly entered his mouth. This person was also admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

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