Attention of ‘Dare Tamb’ village in Koyne valley to Eknath Shinde’s rebellion! | Tamb villege is the Native place of Eknath Shinde and entire villege is very curious to know about further moment of Eknath Shinde

Vishwas Pawar

As news came out that Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde had revolted against the party leadership by taking some Shiv Sena MLAs, there was more excitement in Tamb (Tal. Mahabaleshwar) village in Satara district. The villagers of the village were stuck on television sets and mobile phones all day on Tuesday. The reason why there is so much curiosity in this hilly village is because it is the original village of Eknath Sambhaji Shinde who is leading this remarkable rebellion. Everyone was expressing the feeling that the political journey of this son of his village should be pleasant as he was running for every obstacle of Ervi village.

Tamb is a small village in the Koynakath area of ​​Mahabaleshwar taluka. This is Shinde’s native village. His ancestral farm, house, cousins, other relatives, brothers still live in this village. Many people from the village migrated to Mumbai for business. Eknath Shinde’s family migrated to Thane. Shinde was born in Thane after this. Primary, secondary and college education also took place in Thane. In the meantime, he kept coming to the village with his family, and this strengthened his relationship with the village.

Though Shinde became a Shiv Sainik, then a Shiv Sena leader, a minister, his relationship with the village is still intact. When they come to the village, the village literally takes the form of a mini ministry. Putting aside the mantle of ministerial post, Shinde gave his son MP Dr. Along with Shrikant Shinde, he also works in agriculture by touring his own Shivara. The villagers are proud that Eknath Sambhaji Shinde, a villager from their village, is a great leader and minister. Many people from this area are still working in the work of Shiv Sena organization, in regular contact and in a big position for generations. Eknath Shinde always comes to the village on the occasion of Uttareshwar Yatra. The villagers were shocked to learn that Shinde, along with several MLAs, had revolted against the Shiv Sena leadership today.

People were coming together in groups to discuss the subject. People were skeptical that they could do such a thing. ‘I don’t think Eknath Shinde will leave Shiv Sena’, ‘he will not leave Hindutva as he is a bitter Shiv Sainik’. However, Shiv Sena branch chief Baburao Shinde, Tapola sarpanch Anand Dhanawade and Velapur sarpanch Ram Sapkal said that they are with him no matter what happens. After Shinde’s revolt, there was a lot of discussion in the state as well as in other parts of the country.


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