Bachchu Kadu-BJP co-operative festival in Akola? MOS Bachhu Kadu is a part of Mahavikas Aghadi but still BJP is helping MOS Bacchu Kadu in Akola

Prabodh Deshpande

Although the politically dominated BJP-dominated Akola district is headed by firebrand leader Bachchu Kadu, Bachchu Kadu has taken a somewhat modest role in guarding the district. Especially after the deprived front became aggressive against Bachchu Kadu, the BJP emerged as a ‘shield’. Subsequent events in the last few months underlined that Bachchu Kadu had moved closer to the district BJP. This has caused unrest among the leaders of the Mahavikas Aghadi district.

What happened?

Akola district has a BJP MP and six MLAs. BJP was in power in the Municipal Corporation for seven and a half years. Except Akola Zilla Parishad, BJP’s dominance can be seen everywhere. However, during the last two and a half years of his tenure, the Guardian Minister Bachchu Kadu emphasized on carrying out development works in harmony with all. Meanwhile, a dispute erupted between the deprived front and Bachchu Kadu. Kadu was embroiled in a case of alleged embezzlement of Rs 1 crore 95 lakh in road works. Those works have been suggested by MP Sanjay Dhotre, MLA Govardhan Sharma, MLA Randhir Savarkar, Shiv Sena MLA Nitin Deshmukh. BJP district president MLA Randhir Savarkar came running in support of Bachchu Kadu in this case. While the BJP did not miss any opportunity to criticize the ruling party in the state, especially the Shiv Sena, Bachchu Kadu got the support of the BJP in Akola. Even before this, Bachchu Kadu has received direct or indirect support from the BJP. In the by-elections held in October 2021, Prahar entered Akola Zilla Parishad. Mitkari had alleged that Bachchu Kadu had joined hands with the BJP after his candidate was defeated in the Kutasa constituency when he was the hometown of NCP MLA Amol Mitkari. Bachchu Kadu’s Prahar Sanghatana won the seat in mind. There was talk in the political circles that BJP had indirectly contributed to the victory of Prahar. After that, in the election for the post of Zilla Parishad Speaker, the BJP put its weight behind the direct attack and he won the election for the post of Speaker. At the inauguration ceremony of the flyover in the city, Bachchu Kadu showered praises on Union Minister and senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari. It was seen that Kadu and BJP leaders were getting in tune in this program.

In Akola district, Kadu and BJP MPs have played a nutritious role for each other. As the Guardian Minister, Kadu never stopped the work of BJP people’s representatives as an opposition. On the contrary, he gave priority to the work of the BJP’s people’s representatives. On the other hand, Akola district BJP, which has always raised the weapon of agitation on small and big issues, has never taken an aggressive stance against Bachchu Kadu. There is talk that Bachchu Kadu and BJP leaders are keeping harmony for mutual benefit. Leaders of Mahavikas Aghadi in the district have also expressed their displeasure in this regard. However, due to lack of weight in the politics of the district, they were not noticed. Local leaders of Prahar, however, do not agree to discuss cooperation with BJP. The support of BJP leaders has at times been just a coincidence. The road works alleged by the deprived were suggested by the BJP people’s representatives. Therefore, he took a stand in support of the Guardian Minister. Kadu has no connection with BJP, claimed Prahar district president Sudhakar Khumkar.

Possible political consequences

While serving as the Guardian Minister in Akola district, Bachchu Kadu has started the process of weaving a new organizational network of Prahar Sanghatana in the district. In the Zilla Parishad by-election, he won one seat and got the post of Speaker. Now the municipal election arena is also going to be attacked. If Bachchu Kadu and BJP remain an invisible alliance in this politics too, we will help each other.


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