Himba women bath only once in life read about weird traditions of african tribe mhkp

New Delhi June 11: There are many strange tribes in the world whose beliefs amaze others. These beliefs are years old. Due to modernity, urban people have forgotten their traditions and customs, but even today tribal people follow them. One tribe in Africa still believes in some of its traditions, which may surprise you (African tribes weird tradition). The Himba tribe living in Namibia is very unique. Because the people here have a very interesting tradition about childbirth. Unlike other places, when a child of this tribe is born in this world, his date of birth is not taken into consideration. So when a woman thinks that she will give birth to a child, then the date of birth of this child is assumed. On LinkedIn, a user named Elizabeth Nasaka shared information about the tribe’s unique beliefs. The young man fell in love with 2 young women; Elizabeth writes that a woman sits under a tree and tries to listen to a song about childbirth. When she thinks that the child has suggested the song to her, that is, when the song is suggested to her, she tells the song to her partner. After this, both of them sing this song even though they have a physical relationship. When the woman concerned becomes pregnant, she teaches this song to other women of the tribe and everyone remembers the song. After this, during pregnancy, everyone surrounds her and sings this song. From birth to adulthood, everyone in the village remembers the child’s song. This song they sing in every situation. That is to say, this song is sung to boost morale, to give relief in case of injury or in case of any mistake. Because of this, the person always remembers what his reality is. People keep listening to this song till the person dies and this song is sung for that person till his last breath. People here order pizza from another country; Delivery is by plane, because you will be surprised to know that the women of this tribe bathe only once in their life, even on their wedding day. (Himba Women Bath only Once in Life). Besides, she cannot wash clothes using water. To keep themselves clean, Himba women boil a special herb in water and clean it with its steam. So there is no body odor. In addition, to protect the skin from the sun, women apply special lotions from animal fats and minerals like iron and hematite. These factors cause the body to turn red, allowing it to distinguish itself from men.

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