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New Delhi May 27: There are as many strange beliefs and traditions as there are countries in the world. Some of these are things that people in other countries are surprised to learn about. But these beliefs have been believed by people in that particular country for years and are still followed today. In the country we are going to talk about today, it is considered good to arrive late for any event. So, those who arrive early do not get much respect (Weird Tradition of Getting Late in Functions). VIDEO – Grandpa became a hero just by pointing a finger at apples; Venezuela in South America has a unique tradition (Arriving late in Venezuela) Which is very strange. Latecomers are often looked down upon in our country. Hosts get upset when people arrive late for a wedding or any other event. But in Venezuela the opposite is true. Because those who come late are respected here. It is believed that the people here are not punctual at all. It is common for every work there to be 15 minutes to 1 hour late and no one objects. On the contrary, being late is part of the local tradition. According to some reports, if an event is scheduled to start at 8 a.m., it starts at 9 or 10 p.m. People here also get the benefit of being late. According to him, if he arrives late at a party, he does not have to apologize for it. Wondering what the 7 richest animals in the world are, owners of so much wealth now wonder why this strange belief. According to the Audi website, early arrival indicates that guests are greedy and eager. The advantage of being late is that if the host is not ready then he gets a chance to prepare in that time. Being late does not mean that people do not respect each other’s time. People make sure that others’ time is not wasted. According to the Oprah website, several American journalists mentioned that it took them a long time to follow this strange custom when they visited Venezuela, but they slowly learned it.

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