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New Delhi May 28: Friendship is a relationship that feels very close and special even if it is not blood. People can even give their lives for friends. Only the lucky ones get special friends who can go to any level to help you. A recent viral video confirms that love between friends remains the same regardless of age. VIDEO: Young man jumps from skyscraper in Mumbai for stunt; Shocking end Green Belt and Road Institute President riErikSolheim recently shared a video. This video is not only annoying but also emotional. Because this video shows the love between children. In it, some children unselfishly help one of their disabled friends, even at the risk of their own lives (Students Save Life of Handicapped Friend During Earthquake).

According to the video’s caption, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook Sichuan, China on May 20, shaking a school. The video, recorded on a CCTV camera, shows teachers and students running outside the classroom. But in the meanwhile he did such a thing that everyone started praising him. He is accompanied by a classmate who appears to be in a wheelchair. As the other children began to run away, some even noticed the student. Instead of trying to save his life, he decided to save the student first. They wheeled him out of the classroom and into the empty space outside the school with him. Dad! Sitting on the sofa, the young man suddenly flew into the air; See exactly what happened VIDEO The video has received more than 35,000 views, while many have also retweeted and responded. One wrote that there is a difference between classmates and friends. This difference is seen in this video, they are all friends. One person said that after watching the video, it seems that the children have a lot of experience in this whole process. Someone said that this is the true face of humanity. Besides, many have praised these children.

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