Brazil Suddenly pornographic movies started playing on the display screen of the airport mhmg

New Delhi, May 28: Brazil Airport: A strange sort of thing happened at the Brazilian airport on Friday. This shocked many present. Suddenly on the display screen at the airport (Display screen at the airport) Porn movies started instead of advertisements and instructions from airlines. As soon as the management came to know about this, they took immediate action and informed the police. An electronic display screen was hacked at the airport in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, according to airport management. Police are investigating the matter.
The video of the incident also went viral …A video related to the incident has gone viral on social media. It suddenly started a porn movie on the display screen at Santos Dumont Airport. After this, the passengers also got annoyed. So the parents were preventing their children from seeing this. According to the management, the other company is responsible for the advertisements and notifications displayed on the electronic screen. They have been informed about this. The hacked screen was immediately shut down. It is being investigated who exactly hacked the screen. The incidence of cyber crime is increasing day by day. Therefore, the big question of law and order is facing everyone.

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