Maharashtra corona cases increased 536 covid patients in one day highest daily count in mumbai 352 new cases mhpl

Mumbai, May 27: Evidence that the corona crisis in the state is not over yet is the shocking statistics of corona in the state (Maharashtra corona cases increased). Corona is seen spreading its limbs again in May in the state. The number of new patients is increasing day by day. Looking at the daily patient statistics, even the Thackeray government has fallen asleep (Maharashtra highest daily corona cases). Out of the total number of new patients in the state, 65 per cent were found in Mumbai alone (Mumbai highest daily corona cases). The number of new corona patients in the state has crossed 500. As of April 27, 2022, state statistics show that 536 new patients were found today. Such a large number of patients have been found in a single day since March 5. On March 5, 535 patients were found. Now the same situation has happened again. Mumbai has the highest number of new patients in the state. In Mumbai, 352 new patients have been registered. This figure is 67% of the total figure of the state. Earlier, on February 11, more than 350 or 367 patients were registered. Since then, most patients have been found in a single day.

No patient deaths have been reported in the state. What a relief. The total number of corona patients in the state now stands at 1,47,858. The number in Mumbai has reached 10,63,351. The recovery rate in the state is 98.09 percent. The death rate is 1.87.
The sign of the fourth wave of the corona?
A few days ago, a research was done by experts from IIT Kanpur. According to their research, a possible fourth wave of Kovid-19 epidemic could start in India on June 22, 2022. The tide could reach its peak in late August. According to information shared on the preprint repository MedRxiv, statistical models were used to detect the fourth wave, which found that a potential fourth wave could last up to 4 months. The severity of the fourth wave will depend on the status of new coronaviruses and vaccinations across the country, it said.
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Meanwhile, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has ruled out the possibility of a fourth wave of corona in the state. The fourth wave of corona will not come in the state, Rajesh Tope has clearly said. Crowds throng, political rallies are held but corona patients do not grow as expected. So no need to worry. Health Minister Rajesh Tope has clarified that there is no possibility of a fourth wave.
Restrictions and forced masks again?
Gudipadva is the beginning of the new year when the state government lifted all restrictions on corona. Citizens also breathed a sigh of relief as the mask was released. But now, once again, the number of patients is on the rise. The mask is likely to be enforced once again to prevent the increasing incidence of corona and some restrictions are likely to be imposed to prevent the spread of corona.
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The state cabinet met on Thursday. After this meeting, the Guardian Minister of Mumbai Aslam Sheikh also gave the same indication. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has appealed to the people of the state to continue wearing masks through a cabinet meeting.
Last month, the Center sent a letter to five states
In some parts of India, the prevalence of corona is once again on the rise. The central government had last month issued a letter to five states alerting them to the rising corona outbreak and the threat of a fourth wave. In this letter was written to Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Mizoram. The positivity rate has been increasing in these five states. Therefore, the central government had instructed to take steps to prevent the spread of corona and take appropriate measures.

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