Brave woman save life of people after fire breaks at petrol pump video viral mhkp

New Delhi May 27: It is said that when a crisis strikes, a person does not know anything. At such times we are so scared that we do not know exactly what to do. Most of these people try to escape from this crisis. But there are some people who face this crisis with courage instead of running away. A similar incident took place at a petrol pump, where a fire broke out (Fire Breaks out at Petrol Pump). After this the people around started fleeing from there. However, one woman showed great courage. Chimukla collapsed into a 20-foot-deep sewer; The mother also jumped to the rescue .. VIDEO This video is going viral on social media (Viral Video of Brave Lady) At a gas station in China. At this petrol pump many people are standing to fill their vehicles with petrol. A fire broke out in front of a good rickshaw parked there. Seeing this, the driver immediately gets out of the rickshaw and escapes to save his life. Others flee as fast as they can to save their lives. However, a female employee at the petrol pump who was present there showed courage. She immediately extinguished the fire with her fire cylinder and her courage.

People are saluting this courage of the woman. Sharing this video on Twitter, it has been captioned as salute to the brave woman. At the same time, it has been said that the woman faced the situation with vigilance and courage and extinguished the fire, while other people were fleeing from there. If the woman had not brought the fire under control in time, there would have been a big loss. Father God! The lion grabbed the old man by the jaw and led him away; Horrible scene captured on camera This brave woman avoided a major accident at a petrol pump. People are praising this woman’s intelligence and courage. Many have commented and praised this work of the woman. This video is inspiring to face the crisis with courage and vigilance even in difficult situations.

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