While playing video game man sitting in toilet snake attack on him in malaysia mhpl

Kuala Lumpur, May 25: At present, mobile is with us everywhere, getting up, sitting down, walking, eating and drinking. For many, the toilet is no exception. They also carry mobiles in the bathroom and toilet. Carrying such a mobile phone in the toilet is very difficult for a person in Malaysia. He has received an injury which he will never forget (Snake attack in toilet). When you say mobile in hand, you don’t pay attention anywhere else. That is, we have no idea what is going on around us, what we are doing, and that is why big accidents happen. The same thing happened with 28-year-old Sabri Tajali from Malaysia. He had to pay a high price for using his mobile phone in the toilet. Sabri went to the toilet while playing a video game. His whole attention was on the game. He sat down on the seat without looking at the toilet and at the same time the snake made a move from below. Sabri’s genitals were attacked by a snake.
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Sabri said. The snake’s teeth were stuck in my back. When I got up from the toilet seat, the snake’s teeth were stuck. Frightened, I shook the snake to the side and ran out of the bathroom.

He immediately called the rescue squad. The snake was then caught alive and taken out of his house. Fortunately, the snake was not venomous, according to Newsweek. But the doctor gave him a tetanus injection. Two weeks later, doctors found pieces of the snake’s teeth in its back.
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He has also shared photos of it on social media. He tweeted photos of the snake on Twitter. “The incident still haunts me,” Sabri told The Star. For two weeks he did not go to his toilet. This is not the first case of snake bites in the toilet. There have been many such cases before. Such a time should not come upon anyone, but it is good that you know exactly what to do if a snake attacks you.
What to do if a snake bites?
If you are bitten by a snake, stay where you are. Don’t turn around. This is because the toxin spreads quickly through the body. Tighten the area where the snake bites, so that the venom does not enter the body. Go to the hospital immediately.

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