Pilot and trainee woman gets suspended after physical relationship in plane mhkp

New Delhi May 26: There are many shocking incidents that have taken place in the flying flight, which are very much in the news. When traveling by flight people definitely expect comfort, luxury and safe travel. But recently something happened on a Russian flight that you will be surprised to hear about. It has come to light that the pilot had an affair with his female partner while the plane was in the air (Shocking Act of Pilot). India is the richest village in the world; More than Rs 15 lakh in each account, interesting is the history. The video of this incident is also said to have gone viral. As soon as the matter came to light, only one sensation was heard. The incident took place at an airline affiliated with Russia. According to the Daily Star, the two were having a physical relationship while in flight autopilot mode. All this was done by a pilot and a young trainee on a flying plane. However, another accomplice of the same woman in the background made this type of video and went viral. Both were later fired. The report states that the pilot forced the female trainee to have a romance with him in exchange for taking extra flying classes. Initially, the young woman refused the pilot because he was married. However, she accepted the offer for the extra class. When asked about this, the young lady said that the autopilot mode was turned on and it was the first time to do all this. She will never do that again. However, she was fired because the mistake was too big. The shocking truth is that this is not the first time that a married woman has spent the night with a friend. A few days ago, there was a news in which an air hostess revealed that a British footballer had an affair with his partner on a flying plane. The news went viral around the world. A similar shocking incident was reported from New Zealand. Where an employee working on an air traffic control tower was caught having sex. Not only that, he was talking to the pilot from there.

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