Covid 19 vaccine serum institute of India adar poonawala said we might to destroy 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine due to oversupply mhds

New Delhi, May 24: Corona preventive vaccine (Covid Vaccine) Serum Institute of India, a manufacturing company in India (Serum Institute of India) CEO Other Punawala (Adar Poonawalla) Has made a big statement. Atar Poonawala has said that at least 200 million doses of corona vaccine should be destroyed. Adar Punawala said that there is an oversupply of vaccines in the market and the expiry date of these vaccines is in August-September. Therefore, if these vaccines are not used, the only option available is to destroy them. In an interview with CNBC TV-18 at the annual conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Adar Punawala made this big statement. “We hope that leaders from around the world will come together on the issue of agreement in the event of a global pandemic that will help create a roadmap for any future situation,” said Adar Punawala.

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Adar Punawala further said, “We all know what went wrong and what was right during this epidemic. The distribution of vaccines, the distribution of raw materials for it, the certification of vaccines, bringing uniformity in clinical trials around the world, increased supply of vaccines and some problems in treatment. I hope this will not happen in the future internationally. ”

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Implementing it means enforcing it cannot be binding. But at least it can provide some kind of framework or commitment. Adar Punawala has also said that as seen in the case of climate change. Adar Punawala, while advising entrepreneurs, said that if you want to be a market leader, it is important for you to take risks. Others were referring to the lessons learned by Poonawala as an entrepreneur. I have learned that if you want to be a market leader, you have to take some risks.

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