9 year old child sole survivor in plane crash in which 103 passenger died mhpl

Tripoli, May 14: If a plane crashes, it is impossible for anyone to escape. Hundreds of people were killed in such a horrific plane crash but only Chimukla survived. Surviving this spark from a plane crash is nothing short of a miracle. This Chimukalya is now called Devdun (9 year old child sole survivor in plane crash). The boy’s name is Reuben Van Asou. The 9-year-old Chimukla survived a plane crash that killed 103 people. He has overcome death. The boy was on a plane that crashed at Libya’s Tripoli airport. The accident happened 12 years ago. The plane crashed in Libya on May 12, 2010. The plane had taken off from Johannesburg, South Africa. It crashed in Libya. The plane had crashed near the runway of the airport. The boy got out of the plane before the plane hit the ground. He came out and immediately the plane hit the ground and there was a big blast. The plane crashed. The boy’s parents also died in the accident.
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During the treatment he was asked where he was from and he said he was from Holland. The boy is the 14th person to have survived such a horrific plane crash. His legs were broken but he survived. His relatives are taking care of him. He completed his education at Yore Elementary School in Tilburg. Now he is trying to live a normal life. According to officials, the sky was clear when the accident happened. Everything looked fine. Therefore, due to the environment, this accident cannot happen. It is being said that there is a conspiracy of terrorists behind this.

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